Why Do People Need a Conservatorship?

A conservator relationship is established between a competent adult and a minor, or ward, in a probate court. The purpose is to give a capacitated adult charge of the minor or ward, concerning their well-being or property. A conservatorship is necessary when the person that would normally give such care to a minor isn’t capable of providing that care due to abandonment, incapacity, or death. An adult needs a conservator when they have become incapacitated and have not made any provisions concerning the management of property. No matter the reason for the need of a conservatorship in Georgia, an individual seeking to establish this type of legal relation should be aware of the legal process, and hire a conservatorship attorney in Atlanta.

Understanding the Legalities of a Conservatorship Is Important

Understanding the legalities of a conservatorship is important concerning the petitioner’s goals and the legal process. A conservator is charged with caring for property instead of a person. A conservator can also be a guardian if the court deems it necessary. Part of being a conservator includes making sure there are sufficient funds to pay for costs incurred by the adult, or minor they are charged to manage. This also includes understanding how to invest a ward’s property and providing an annual budget that states how the property is being used. All of this can be a confusing process, especially if you have never been charged with handling a ward’s property before. It is imperative to contact a conservatorship attorney that can help you through every step of the process.

The Worthiness of a Conservator

If you are trying to seek conservatorship status for a minor or adult, you need to understand what is expected of you by the judicial system. Professional conservatorship attorneys are there to help you understand the qualifications that are necessary. You must prove that you have creditworthiness and provide a bond for the court. This is something similar to providing security to get a loan. Your credit history must be decent in order to acquire a bond, which is a type of insurance policy. Skilled and experienced attorneys that specialize in conservatorship are ready to represent clients faced with being appointed a conservator.

The Libby Law Firm has years of experience with Georgia law, and offer the services of some of the best conservatorship attorneys. When you need a conservatorship attorney in Atlanta, schedule an appointment to discuss your case today.

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