Why Are Dental Implants in Irvine CA Important?

When a tooth falls out, it may seem like a cosmetic concern. You start to worry about how you will look without one of your teeth and then stress out about what other people will think too. Although it certainly is a cosmetic concern and a good enough reason to get dental implants in Irvine CA, there is another important reason to use an implant to replace a missing tooth. If a replacement were not put in, the gums would be exposed to bacteria, which could cause further damage inside your mouth.

Aside from the bacteria that could begin to develop, causing an infection of the gums, your teeth may even start to shift. When one tooth is missing, others may start to slant in its place, thus causing what was once a straight smile to become crooked and imperfect. If having a beautiful smile is important to you and you are now dealing with a missing tooth, it may be time to consider getting dental implants in Irvine CA.

The dentist can examine what is going on inside your mouth while also getting a good look at the rest of your teeth. The dentist needs to see what each tooth looks like before making the complete implant for you. The crown that gets attached to the implant needs to look like your other teeth. If it were not made to match, it would be obvious that it was not your real tooth, which is why the dentist will make sure that does not happen.

Depending on the condition of your gums, the procedure may take some time. However, the dentist will carefully insert the new root, which is made of metal, along with the crown that goes on top of it. Some dentists complete the entire process in just one day, but others may have their patients wear a temporary until the customized crown is made. Either way, once the dentist completes this procedure and you have the implant, you will continue to have a great smile. It is wise to choose dental implants in Irvine CA if any of your teeth fall out because the implants can replace them while keeping the gums protected and preventing shifting of the teeth.

When a tooth falls out, you can have it replaced using one of the dental implants in Irvine CA. Since another natural tooth will not grow in its place, the dental implants in Irvine CA are the next best thing to having a real tooth.

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