Who Needs Public Adjustors in Manhattan NY?

Anyone with an insurance policy can benefit from the services of Public Adjustors in Manhattan NY. One of the services provided is a complete review and analysis of insurance policies held. Most policies have exclusions, conditions, and endorsements of which policyholders are not aware. When policies are sold, insurance companies and online agents suggest the policyholder read the entire policy. Unless people have an insurance agent who is diligent in making sure clients understand the policy fully, it is rare they will completely read the policy or ever ask any questions. Learning about exclusions and conditions after damage has occurred can result in unpleasant surprises for policyholders who operated under the impression they were fully covered.

Public Adjustors in Manhattan NY work for residential and business policyholders that request their services. Claims adjusters that work for insurance companies do not perform duties for the benefit of policyholders, they were trained by, and work for the insurance company. Estimates for damage, costs included in claims, and payout amounts will be determined based on what works best for the insurance company. Public adjusters advocate, represent, and protect the policyholder. They can handle the entire claim from beginning to end to help expedite damage recovery, and maximize client benefits.

Some homeowner policies, for example, may have a clause that covers additional living expenses while a home is being repaired due to storm damage. Identifying that benefit, collecting those receipts, and including those expenses in the claim total has a dramatic effect on the complete payout from the insurance company. If that clause is overlooked by policyholders, they will end up covering those costs out of pocket. Why pay for a policy if it is will not be used completely when disaster strikes?

Home damage is stressful and overwhelming for families. Thinking clearly, asking pertinent questions, and reviewing estimates presented by the insurance company adjuster will not be strengths at that time. An adjuster can be objective and aggressive for clients when they cannot not be for themselves. The same is true in the event of business damage. The business owner may not remember the policy covers business interruption. Not submitting income projections for the time the store or factory was closed can financially hurt the business. A public adjuster will know if that benefit is applicable by reviewing the policy as part of their services at the time of a claim.

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