Who Actually Uses Mulch In San Diego CA?

Way back in time the plants evolved so that each plant adapted to the conditions prevalent where it was growing. Plants that liked alkaline soil grew where that type of soil was to be found – those that preferred acidic conditions grew elsewhere. In similar pattern, plants adapted to dry arid country as well as to wet and humid areas. You could say that everything had its place and everything grew in place.

Then, along came mankind who developed a brain that wanted to tame and modify nature. Over the years, mankind wanted plants to not only grow in places where conditions were not conducive, they also wanted those plants to grow better and be more productive.

Soil Improvement And/Or Modification

Earliest soil modification was simply efforts to control the irrigation of a planted area and to add just about any type of waste generated by both humans and livestock to the soil in the form of manure. As science developed, plant seeds themselves were modified (at first through painstakingly slow cultivation methods, right through to today’s genetic engineering). Keeping pace with this, human knowledge, of the relationship between a plant’s needs and the soil that it grows in, was increasing up to the point where the first chemical based fertilizers came into use.

Horticulturalists have long concentrated on getting the best balance between a given plant and the soil it grows in. Compost and manure will usually be most beneficial if dug into and mixed with the native soil. Another soil improvement technique (just as applicable to San Diego as elsewhere) is to apply a nutritious or protective layer around the plant but on the surface of the soil. This surface dressing is known as Mulch In San Diego CA and is often applied at around 2 inches thick.

Types Of Mulch In San Diego CA

Mulch will usually be organic in nature and even manures and composts can be applied to the top of the soil as mulches (worms and other organisms will carry the nutrients naturally down into the soil). If the mulch is mainly for protection then anything from thin plastic sheeting, newspaper, wood or bark chips to straw and hay might be used depending upon the results desired. Mulch In San Diego CA can also serve a decorative purpose by hiding the soil from sight. Rock chips, gravel or pebbles are often used for this purpose. In addition, organic mulches can be dyed a color to improve overall appearance.

Whether you are choosing Mulch In San Diego CA for plant nourishment, protection or simply decoration you will be sure to find the right type at Greatsoil LLC.

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