Which Kind of Filter is Best for My Air Conditioner?

One of the ways to make sure that your airconditioner is running as smoothly as possible is to replace the filter every month. This is especially important during the brutally hot Houston summers when units tend to run almost non-stop throughout the day. However, even if you know to replace the filter frequently, it can be a bit overwhelming when you go to purchase replacements. There are so many options that it can be hard to know which is the best filter to buy.

Many people will choose to buy a standard filter. These are usually green fiberglass filters inside of a flimsy cardboard frame. You can usually find these filters in packs of 4 for under $5. Because of their cheap price, these filters are extremely popular, but they don’t do a very good job at filtering and can allow dirt or debris into the actual airconditioner which can potentially damage the unit.

Some people opt for a reusable filter. Reusable filters are fairly expensive, averaging about $50. Because they do not need to be replaced, many people think that the cost is justifiable. However, the real down-side of these filters is the fact that they must be cleaned often. Instead of replacing a disposable filter once a month, if you choose to go with a reusable filter, you will be manually cleaning it once a week. If you do not clean the filter, any benefit of using a reusable filter is lost because air will not be able to flow through the filter, and you will be putting unnecessary strain on your airconditioner.

Finally, the best option among replaceable filters is a pleated air filter. Like the standard filter, this filter is usually nestled in a cardboard frame, but instead of the flat green filter, this has a pleated, usually white, filter. The pleats increase the contact area through which the air will pass. Because of the increased contact area, more can be filtered from the air that passes through. These filters will usually cost about $5 each and should be changed monthly to keep your airconditioner running efficiently.

Sometimes it is tempting to let the filter stay in a little bit longer than a month or even to leave it for up to two consecutive months. This is not a money saving technique that should be adopted because, in the long run, it will not save you any money. The few dollars that you save by not putting in a new filter each month will be more than offset by the astronomical cost of an expensive airconditioner repair.

The Houston climate is hard on airconditioner units, but if you frequently change the air filter and regularly service for your unit, you can increase its efficiency and its longevity, saving money on energy costs in the present, as well as repairs in the future.

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