Where to Find Affordable SR 22 in Puyallup

Are you a high-risk driver paying a high rate for your SR-22 insurance? SAV-ON is an independent insurance agency that negotiates rates with over 30 top insurance companies. Finding affordable SR 22 in Puyallup can be difficult if you have been classified as a high-risk driver because of a DUI, traffic accidents or for driving without a license or insurance. SR-22 is a type of vehicle insurance document that is used by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to ensure liability coverage.
SR 22 in Puyallup must be maintained for the specified amount of time in order to regain a suspended license. If the policy is not paid or becomes expired and a new SR-22 is not bought, the insurance company will issue an SR-26, which tells the DMV you no longer have liability coverage. Then your license will be revoked until a new SR-22 policy is purchased, and proof is sent to the DMV. If you don’t own a car, you must still have liability insurance in the form of a Non-Owner’s SR-22. Some states do not have SR-22 laws, and these include Delaware, Kentucky, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, New York and North Carolina. If you became a high-risk driver in a state that does require a SR-22, but you moved to one that doesn’t, then you will need to maintain your SR-22 coverage in your previous state and buy a normal policy in your new state.
SAV-ON is at a big advantage because it is independent. They are able to effectively negotiate rates lower than you could get if you contacted an insurance company directly. SAV-ON has a program to help high-risk drivers get a cost effective insurance policy. It is called the “SAV-ON Sam Smart Drivers Plan”, and customers have saved an average of 46% on their low rates, based on a cumulative rate.
SAV-ON has been serving customers for over 49 years. They also have other types of insurance available at low rates, such as home, boat, RV, life, umbrella, renters, condo, snowmobile, jet ski, commercial vehicles and classic car insurance. SAV-ON continues the belief of its founder, Don Devitte, that every customer deserves full attention no matter what the circumstance.