Where to do Recycling in New Bedford, MA

There are tons of garbage that are thrown away every week in the United States. In fact, Americans throw away enough garbage to fill up to 63,000 trucks each day. Much of the garbage that is tossed into the landfill could have actually been recycled and put back to good use. There is a company for Recycling in New Bedford, MA that does just that.

ABC Disposal Service Inc. is a waste disposal service in Massachusettes. ABC has been in business for over 50 years. This company is full service offering garbage removal, compaction, and dumptster rentals. These services are available to residental, industrial, and commercial sites.

When wishing to do Recycling in New Bedford, MA this is company is one of the options available. Here they offer modern equipment with trained professionals. This helps in ensuring the most reliable and efficient service possible. When desiring to take part in the recycling program, there are many different sizes of containers obtainable. Containers for commercial and industrial establishments start at a 64 gallon tote and reach up to a 42 cubic yard Roll-off. Recycling containers offered to residential customers are 18 gallon totes. These can be filled and placed out to the road to be picked up weekly. When choosing recycling it has been proven to save money and it also shows others the commitment an individual or company has to being green and their efforts on working to save the environment.

The ABC Disposal Service Inc. is a member of the National Solid Waste Management Association. This means when doing Recycling in New Bedford, MA, customers are working with employees that have experience and knowledge in making it the most customer friendly process possible. Some products that can be recycled include paper, plastic, metal, wood, glass, and cardboard. By placing these products in the provided bins, these products can be reused instead of taking up valuable space in the local landfills.

Recycling in New Bedford MA does two things. First of all it reduces the cost of waste disposal services. Secondly, it frees up space in the landfill and puts valuable products back to good use within the community.

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