Where More People Turn for Gentle & Expert Persian Rug Cleaning in Bothell

For centuries, Persian rugs have been sought after for some of the most important figures in human history. Royals long decorated their homes and castles with these beautiful works of art that were once only made by hand. These rugs are still popular today, and offer a timeless display of visual beauty. Learn where many people turn for gentle and expert Persian rug cleaning in Bothell.

Harsh Chemicals & Most Carpet Cleaners Will Damage Vintage Rugs

Some individuals have inherited antique heirlooms like Persian-style rugs. These gorgeous rugs are expertly crafted using finer yarns that are soft and resilient, giving bare feet the ultimate experience when walking over the carpets.

Every carpet needs to be cleaned at some point to keep its luster finish and plush feel. However, harsh chemicals and most types of carpet cleaning equipment will damage these vintage rugs, according to a reputable company that delivers careful Persian rug cleaning in the Bothell and the surrounding region.

Get Your Persian Rugs Deep-Cleaned & Refreshed Without Harm

Carpet owners should not attempt to clean their valuable Persian rugs with over-the-counter carpet cleaners or household carpet machines. This risks damaging the delicate fibers and breaks down their strength and integrity. If water is left deep in the inner carpet layers, mold and mildew could begin to grow, causing even greater damage to the precious rug.

Call an Experienced Persian Rug Specialist for Cleaning

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