When You Should Buy Prehung Doors

by | Apr 4, 2015 | Home Improvement

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Buying a door is not always as easy as just going online or to the store and picking out a style you like. While this is an important step, it is just as important to consider the challenges, or the ease, of installation. By selecting prehung doors you can often install the door yourself or hire a professional to complete the job.

Prehung doors come with literally everything required and already put together. They include the door, the hinges, the frame or door jamb and everything is already attached and in place.

When to Use a Prehung Door

It is possible to use prehung doors in any type of existing doorway or for a new installation of a door. Often when replacing old interior or exterior doors, the frame or door jamb is damaged and worn looking as well. By selecting from prehung doors you can remove the old door frame and replace it with the new door and frame to provide a clean and beautiful look.

Generally, for any exterior door, it is important to choose from prehung doors for several reasons. These doors are heavier and if they are not prehung they can be extremely difficult to correctly fit into an existing frame. Even some professionals will have difficulties if the exiting frame has become warped. In this case the frame will need to be replaced as well to allow the door to operate properly and seal completely.

Tips to Keep in Mind

While prehung doors come ready to be installed, it is essential to ensure the frame is level and square inside the opening in the wall before the door is fixed in place. If the entire unit is not square in the opening, the door will not open or close properly.

Shimming the frame in the opening and double checking it is level and square before screwing the frame to the wall opening is a critical step. By taking the time to ensure everything is square, there are rarely any problems with the movement of the door. A big factor to consider is that all the necessary holes are in the proper place for the door handles and hardware.

Most people buying top quality prehung doors will hire a carpenter to install the door. This not only ensures the door will swing open and close correctly, but it also means that installing the trim and finishing can be completed quickly, accurately and correctly.

Nick’s Building Supply offers a full line of exterior prehung doors for your convenience and ease of installation.

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