When You Need To Hire A Work Injury Attorney

It is the responsibility of an employer to provide a safe work place for the employees and visitors. Although this is the case, there still are many injuries on the job and the employee needs to know their rights when this happens.

What should be done after an accident occurs depends on who is being talked about, the person who suffered the accident or another person who is taking a report of the accident from a third party worker. In all cases the key is maintaining communications, an individual who is filing an accident report may be obliged to follow certain procedures, things become rapidly complicated if the parties don’t agree on what happened, this can quickly result in a law suit and that is where a work injury attorney in PA comes into the picture.

An employee who has been injured must make the employer aware of this. There may be cases where the accident is minor and simply making the supervisor aware of the circumstances may be enough, however there are other times when the accident is so severe that the injured individual will need the help of others. The employee is expected to give a fair and honest statement about the accident and how it occurred. The employee must not admit responsibility because the employer won’t admit it either. Should there be an admission of fault this can be used later if there is a law suit filed and the work injury attorney in PA can present this in court.

In most cases the employer wants the case cleaned up as quickly as possible and sees to it that any medical expenses associated with the accident are paid. If the accident results in a long lasting malady this is where it can become difficult. Most employers will include any lost pay as a result of recovery time but if the employer balks and refuses, the employee, through his work injury attorney in PA can sue the employer for damages.

In the event of a law suit, the attorney will attempt to interview any witnesses to the accident and get any and all documents that were written at the time; the attorney will contact the employer and the insurance company and hope to settle the matter without going to court.

If you are injured on the job and your employer is reluctant to assist you then you may need a work injury attorney in PA to sue on your behalf. You are invited to contact Business Name.

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