When You Need Professional Drain Cleaning Margate

Every homeowner has experienced a clogged drain at one point or another. You can probably find some type of chemical drain cleaner in most homes, but there comes a time that this is not enough. Chemical drain cleaners, plungers or even home remedies can be used to unstop and remove soft objects that slow down or clog drains. These may be grease, hair, paper or other such items, and typically only affect one drain, tub, or toilet. If more than one drain or plumbing fixture is clogged you may need Professional Drain Cleaning Margate.

There are pros and cons to any type of product that is used to clear the drains. For example, one of the advantages of using a chemical cleaner is that it is readily available. While not all chemical cleaners are equal, most of them are effective in removing clogs that are close to the drain. Their disadvantage is that they are not as effective in clogs that are located further down the drain, and may not be able to dissolve or clear all types of obstructions. Anytime a chemical is used, you run the safety risk of injury to the eyes, skin, lungs or clothing or household materials. Chemicals should only be used according to the manufacturer instructions, and should never be mixed. Stronger chemical formulas are best left to professionals trained in Drain Cleaning Margate.

Professional Plumbing Services will have the skills, knowledge, and tools to unstop multiple drains, as well as problem solve issues that may involve the main sewer line, or tie in with other sewer systems. They will be able to remove both hard and soft materials from the entire length of the drain. Did you know that one of the largest culprits in clogged drains can actually be tree roots? These can grow down through your drain pipes and cause clogs that can only be cleared by a professional. Once unclogged, Professional Plumbing Services will be able to access the main sewer line to ensure that the drain is completely clear. They may use tools such as an electric drain cleaner, or even sewer jetters to get the job done.