When To Remove A Tree With Tree Removal Service In Denver CO

Since trees can live for generations, the prospect of needing to remove one can be an emotional time. However, not all trees that seem to be sick or dying need to be removed. Here are some tips on how to tell if a phone call to a tree removal service in Denver CO is necessary.

Tree Leans

If the tree has always been upright and now suddenly starts leaning, it could be due to being dead on one side. Trees with shallow root systems also begin to lean. The danger here is that eventually the tree will fall over. If the tree is going to hit a house or outbuilding it is best to get the tree removed.

Severe Damage to Trunk

The trunk helps support the massive weight of a tree. When it gets damaged, branches or the upper part of the tree is in danger of falling. Trunks with huge fissures, gaps or large hollow spaces are most prone to falling. If more than one third of the trunk is hollow, dying, filled with rotten wood or damaged, then the tree needs to be removed. Trunks covered in mushrooms are a sign that the trunk has died or is decaying.

Tree is More Than Half Dead

Trees can survive even when half of it has died. However, a tree that is more than 50% dead should be removed. Have the tree checked by a tree surgeon like Ironwood Earthcare to check on the tree’s overall health.

Close Call

Very tall trees grow branches that can weight over 100 pounds. If these branches die and fall, the damage can be massive. If a tree has already dropped a massive branch once then it will be prone to doing it again. Even if the branch did not hit a house, power line or person, other branches could. Branches that extend over into a neighbor’s yard need a tree removal service in Denver CO and elsewhere need to be removed before they fall. Homeowners will be held responsible for any trees on their property that cause damage to neighboring property.

Insect Infestation

Sick and dying trees make easy targets for insects to exploit, such as carpenter ants, termites, borers, aphids and scale. If the tree has other problems as well as being infested with insects, be safe and have the tree removed.

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