When to Pay for Climate Controlled Storage Services in Fort Myers, FL

More consumers than ever are hiring moving companies to facilitate their local and cross-country moves. When they work with professional movers, they get more than access to a moving truck and laborers to help them move their possessions.

Moving companies can also help with packing and even offer climate controlled storage services in Fort Myers FL. Not all items require climate-controlled storage, but many household goods can benefit from being kept in a temperature- and humidity-regulated environment. Read on to find out when climate control is appropriate.

Wooden and Leather Furniture

Exposure to moisture can lead wood to crack, warp, or rot and leather is sensitive to abrupt changes in temperature. Consumers who have antiques, expensive wooden furniture, or leather pieces that need to be stored over the course of their moves should always ask about climate control. They should ensure that the storage facility controls for moisture as well as temperature changes.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are delicate and must be handled with care. They should always be stored in climate-controlled units. This statement covers large instruments like pianos and drums and smaller woodwinds, brass instruments, and stringed instruments.

Artwork and Art Supplies

Climate controlled storage services in Fort Myers FL can protect artwork from damage. Art collectors are well aware of the damage that can occur because of exposure to excessive moisture, but the average consumer might not give it enough thought. Climate control isn’t just for expensive works of fine art but also for handmade crafts, art supplies, and crafting equipment.

Important Documents

Never leave important documents in outdoor storage facilities or indoor facilities that don’t have climate control. It doesn’t matter whether they’re being stored in filing cabinets or boxes. Important documents need protection against fading, discoloration, and mildew, all of which can result from improper storage.

Find a Moving Company That Can Help

The best way to make sure that all sensitive items receive adequate care is to hire a moving company that offers climate-controlled storage as a matter of course. This will allow even consumers planning long-distance moves to ensure that their household goods are kept safe throughout the process. Click here to learn about one company that can help today.

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