When To Do a Window Replacement in Fairfield County CT

The look and the condition of the windows speak volumes of whether it is time to replace or to repair them. If you own a home that was built in 1960’s, you may need to replace your windows with highly energy-efficient structures and modern designs. Window Replacement in Fairfield County CT comes with many advantages such as plenty of cost-saving, improving the aesthetic value of your house as well as its functionality. Most importantly, it increases the resale value of your home.

A house that has been well maintained attracts a high price than the same home with fair to poor maintenance. Replacing old and energy inefficient windows is part of maintenance, and homeowners should be able to know the right time to do the replacement. Here are some of the signs that the old windows need to be replaced.

Poor performance

If you are experiencing difficulties in opening and closing your windows, the fogging or condensation occurs on or between the glass panes or air leaks in, out or around the widows, then it is high time that you replaced them.


If your windows have outdated design or style that doesn’t blend well with the rest of the home, you may consider replacing them. Also, if they are chipped and their appearance look deteriorated with water stains on the window or areas around the windows, it is high time that you call in experts in Window Replacement in Fairfield County CT install new and modern ones.


As a homeowner, you do not want to stay with windows whose cleaning is a major hassle and another chore to be avoided. It is even worse if you own windows whose replacement parts are really hard to find or are even not existing; in both cases replacement is needed.

Note that how your windows are positioned will determine how fast they are going to wear and tear. The side of the house that is more exposed to sunlight and other weather elements will deteriorate faster that the side that is not too much exposed.

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