When to Call for Emergency Air Conditioner Tune-ups in Fort Myers, FL

Modern climate control systems have completely revolutionized the way that families think about indoor comfort. Most families have, as a result, gotten used to having the ability to easily control the temperature and humidity within their households, so it can be extremely stressful when something goes wrong, and the air conditioner fails to function properly.

Under these circumstances, most mechanical failures can feel like a serious emergency; however, not all companies even offer Emergency Air Conditioner Tune-ups in Fort Myers FL and those that do tend to charge a little bit more for their services outside of business hours. Homeowners who are working on a budget may want to read on to find out whether or not their AC issue constitutes a genuine emergency.

Screeching Sounds

It should go without saying that if an AC unit is making a screeching sound, it’s time to get some professional help. These unpleasant sounds can be caused by either loosened fan belts or excessively high pressure in the compressor. The latter of these problems requires the unit be shut down immediately until a repair technician can take a look at it, so calling an emergency service is 100% justified.

Burning Smells

If an AC unit is producing unusual smells that resemble burning plastic, turn the unit off immediately. Chances are it’s having an electrical problem that is causing one or more of its components to get so hot it has begun to melt. While this issue can sometimes be fixed, the possibility of simple repairs will become less likely the longer it is allowed to continue operating before being shut off and tuned up.

Popping and Buzzing Sounds

Popping, buzzing, or snapping sounds can also be indicators of serious electrical problems. Any unit that is exhibiting these symptoms of trouble should be turned off immediately until Emergency Air Conditioner Tune-ups in Fort Myers FL can be contacted for help.

Find a 24/7 Service

As noted above, not all AC service providers offer round the clock emergency service. That shouldn’t mean that homeowners and their families just have to suffer until normal business hours, though. Contact us to request an estimate for emergency service today.

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