When to Call a Plumber for Drain Cleaning in Indianapolis, IN

Failing to take adequate care of a residential home’s drains can lead to frequent clogs and even dangerous gray water backups. While there are some products available over the counter to help prevent these problems, they are not always effective at removing serious clogs. Read on to find out about a few examples of when the best solution is really just to call a plumber for drain cleaning in Indianapolis IN.

Constantly Clogged Sinks

Kitchen sinks are often prone to chronic clogging problems, as fat and grease often get trapped or built up in the pipes due to routine use. This buildup can cause sinks to become chronically backed up, leading them to clog every time anyone tries to do the dishes. While chemical cleaning solutions are sometimes enough to handle small clogs on a temporary basis, more serious grease and fat buildup almost always require a more thorough approach that can only be offered by a professional plumber.

Clogged Toilets

When most homeowners think of drain cleaning, they’re only considering their bathroom and kitchen sinks, but in fact, all plumbing fixtures drain to the sewer, including the toilet. There is nothing more unpleasant than a clogged toilet, yet this problem is surprisingly common.

Much of the time these clogs are due to the flushing of materials other than toilet paper, especially in households that have children who are notoriously curious about plumbing. It is both difficult and unpleasant for homeowners to try to remove these foreign objects themselves, which is why the best course of action is always to call in a professional.

Puddling Near Floor Drains

Floor drains are designed with the intent of preventing standing water from pooling in laundry rooms, basements, and bathrooms with free-standing showers. However, when they become clogged they can no longer serve this valuable purpose. The most common reasons for floor drain clogs are foreign objects blocking the flow of water and buildup of soap scum and other chemicals, both of which can be easily remedied with professional drain cleaning in Indianapolis IN.

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