What You Need to Know About Hoses in Industrial Fittings in Texas

There is more than just tubing when it comes to industrial hoses. These items serve as important transfer hoses for your industrial applications. However, the exact type of hose needed by a certain company really depends on the use. Luckily, there are many different types of hoses available. Check out the different types of hoses and industrial hose fittings in Texas to select the right option.

Hoses for Petroleum

Industrial sites that transfer petroleum or oil use special petroleum transfer hoses. These hoses are made to withstand the harsh chemicals that pass through them. They are also capable of containing the high temperatures associated with this process. This is due to the fact that most of these hoses are made out of synthetic rubber. Furthermore, they are likely to have superior oil resistance properties. These hoses can be used with industrial hose fittings in Texas.

Hoses for Chemical Transfers

Chemical hoses are some of the most versatile industrial hoses you can find. These hoses are perfect for pressure or suction jobs. They can also be used with gravity flow transfers. When buying a chemical hose, you need to choose one that can handle the expected pressure. If not, you could have some real problems on your hands. Additionally, be sure to check the chemical ratings for the hose. The wrong type of hose could lead to early breakage.

Hoses for Abrasive Materials

Another type of industrial hose is designed for use with abrasive materials. You’ll notice that these hoses are thicker, and more heavy-duty than other models. This is the right choice for gritty, hard material like limestone or slurry. They also help to avoid static buildup during the transfer process.

Putting Hoses to Use

There are many different ways to incorporate industrial hoses into your company’s process. In fact, it’s likely that any given company will use a variety of different hoses. Be sure to keep each hose well-maintained to avoid problems when moving materials.

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