What You Must Know When Selecting a Criminal Defense Attorney in San Diego, CA

In America, a violent crime occurs every 26 seconds with a property crime taking place every 3.5 seconds. For this reason, police must remain vigilant at all times, yet the are humans also. This means there may come a time when they falsely arrest the wrong person. In addition, there are occasions where people just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and they are accused of a crime they didn’t commit, although they were with the person who actually did the deed. When this is the case, a Criminal Defense Attorney in San Diego CA is needed and the Law Offices of Thomas P Matthews is ready to be of help.

When you go to select an attorney, your top priority needs to be finding someone who will be honest with you in terms of what you are facing. This allows you to prepare for the worst as, if you are convicted, you could be going away for an extended period of time, especially if you are accused of a crime which has mandatory minimum sentences. Although your Criminal Defense Attorney in San Diego CA works actively to reduce the charges or have them dismissed completely, you need to understand what you are facing at all times.

In addition, the attorney needs to walk you through the process, from the time he or she first becomes involved in the case all the way through to the appeal, if any. It’s very scary to not know what is coming next, especially when you are facing jail time. Therefore, you need someone who will be in regular contact with you, explaining the process and any choices you may have. This helps to reduce the stress you are experiencing and will make it easier for you to help mount your defense.

Finally, meet with a number of attorneys before choosing one to work with. Most offer free consultations. The process can take an extended period of time, therefore you need someone you feel comfortable with and someone you believe will fight for you. The criminal justice system is very complex and laws vary greatly based on the charges, which court you will be appearing in, and more. For this reason, you need an experienced attorney, one you have confidence in, such as Tom Matthews. Don’t settle for anything less as you have too much on the line.

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