What to pack in preparation for a beach vacation

You can enjoy your beach vacation a lot more if you plan in advance for what you will need, a packing list that you follow closely will eliminate leaving essentials at home and also stop you from bringing items that you will never use. When you’re heading to the St Petersburg Beach hotels take only what you need, no more and no less, it will certainly reduce your load and if you are flying it can save you money in overweight charges. Your packing list should be based on your daily essentials and those items which are beach oriented.

The packing list must include the essentials such as your prescription medications, toiletries and clothing. For use on arrival sun tan lotions, sun block, sunglasses and beach wear are considered essentials. If you are vacationing with your children then any special toys that they can’t seem to live without are mandatory. There are items that would go with you whether your destination is one of the St Petersburg Beach hotels or a ski trip in Colorado; camera, something to read and your cell phone and the charger.

Don’t worry at this time about culling the list; make it as long and comprehensive as you want. Give the list a day to rest and then go back and re-visit it, you will instantly see where things can be dropped. You will pick up on the fact that you have included duplicate items and things that are easier and cheaper to pick up once you arrive at the hotel or resort. If you are heading for a resort then you can be assured that pool toys for use by the kids will be available and for free. Check the resort or hotel web site while compiling the list and see what amenities they offer.

Many resorts have laundry facilities as they know from experience that people want to wash their bathing suits, etc every day. You can also wash clothes so it is not necessary to pack two outfits for every day that you will be away. Many rooms are fitted with hairdryers and irons so there is no need to pack these either.

When you think through your needs you will be pleasantly surprised at how little you actually need and still have a great beach vacation.

If your idea of a great vacation is to soak up the sun then a visit to St Petersburg Beach hotels will give you that and much more. You are invited to stay at The Beachcomber Beach Resort Hotel for the vacation of a lifetime.









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