What To Look For In Top eBay Listing Templates

For those that are new to selling on eBay setting up a listing page is often the most difficult aspect of getting started. However, with pre-set eBay listing templates it is easy to complete your listing page and make it look beautiful, eye catching and very professionally done.

The beauty of using eBay listing templates is that they are created specifically for the eBay site. There are other auction type templates available online but they may not be formatted correctly for the eBay listings. This doesn’t mean you cannot use them but it does mean you will have to know how to tweak the template to fit the format. Generally this is a difficult thing to do so working with those provided by the site or a business that supports eBay listings is the best option.

Designer Made eBay Listing Templates

If you want your auctions or your eBay store to really stand out from the crowd you may want to consider having eBay listing templates created for you by a web designer or eBay support website. If you are working with a designer to create custom eBay listing templates make sure you provide all the categories, information details and special features you want to have on your pages.

Most of the top companies offering eBay listing templates will provide a checklist that allows you to indicate what custom features or options you want on your site. Keep it simple and avoid too much information as this can end up looking cluttered and disorganized.

The Importance of Good Photos

One of the most critical aspects of eBay listing templates is the ability to add photos. When customers are able to click through photos of your products they are more comfortable in bidding or buying.

This is particularly true if you are selling antique, vintage or used items as opposed to new in box items and objects. However, even with new and never used items pictures, especially crisp, clear and detailed pictures, can be the difference between a moderate bid and a great final price.

Take a few minutes and make sure you click through different eBay listing templates to find one or ones that you like. This can help you in the design of your custom template or in selecting one offered by eBay as a standard template.

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