What to Look for in a Quality Rain Umbrella

If you live in a rainy climate, a good umbrella is imperative to keep you dry. Because it is an accessory that will be a big part of your daily life, you want to make sure that you have a high quality rain umbrella that also looks good. Depending on how much it rains, you may want to have multiple umbrellas so that you always have access to one when the clouds open up, whether you are at home, in your car, or are at work.

Durability and Coverage

To make sure that you are fully protected from the rain, you should make sure that your rain umbrella is durable and has a big enough canopy to cover you, even when it is windy. Not all umbrellas are made alike. Some are better for lighter rain showers, while others are made with a tougher material to be able to withstand heavy downpours. The material should be water repellant, which also helps dry the material quickly so that you do not have to carry around a wet umbrella all day.

Convenient and Easy to Use

A good umbrella is user-friendly. It should be easy to pop open, so that you aren’t struggling with it and get wet as a result. You should also be able to close it fast and with ease when you reach your destination and want to get inside quickly.

A rain umbrella can be quite bulky to carry around, but if you get one that folds down, it can be very easy to take with you. Many of the folding umbrellas can be very compact and can easily fit into a bag or purse when not being used.

Fashion Friendly

In order to look really good, you will want to coordinate your rain umbrella with what you are wearing. Fortunately, there is quite a variety of umbrellas to choose from. There are many solid colors that can match or complement your clothing, if you like a more simple approach to your wardrobe. If you prefer to be more daring, there are many different prints from which you can choose, such as animal prints, floral prints, dots, and large sunflower designs. For the fashionista, look for ruffled designs and two toned umbrellas.

A rain umbrella is a necessary accessory in certain parts of the country. Buying one that is of high quality and looks good will not only keep you dry, but also increase your confidence. Tailor your rain umbrella to fit your outfit and situation, and the dreary and rainy days won’t seem so bad.

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