What to Look for in a High Quality Cold Pressed Juice Bar

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore, cold-pressed juices are a fantastic nutritional enhancement to any diet. While some believe juicing to simply be a trend, when looked at logically it is a truly phenomenal way to power pack your day with essential vitamins and nutrients that can only be supplied by wholesome organically grown fruits and vegetables. For those who are curious, cold-pressed juice refers to a method of juicing in which no heat or oxygen is added during the extraction process. The heat and oxygen generated by other styles or methods of juicing tend to compromise the nutritive integrity of the ingredients used.

Not All Cold Pressed Juice Bars are Created Equal

While buying your own high quality juicer can be quite expensive you can still take full advantage of the healthful benefits of juicing. Cold-pressed juice bars have cropped up all over the country, and can typically be found nearby in any city large or small. With so many places to choose from it is important to do your research. Not all juice is created equal and in order to ensure the quality of your beverage, it is best to look for locations that attain their ingredients from the farm to table movement. Not all juice bars use the same methods of juicing either, so be sure to check websites or even walk in and ask your juice-tender questions about their particular process.

A Juice is Only as Good as The Ingredients Used to Make It

If you live in an area with options, it is best to look for those who utilize exceptionally grown and organic ingredients. Your juice is only as good as the vegetation and machinery used to make it; if you are searching for cold-pressed juices in Brooklyn, NY consider checking out The Fuel Juice Bar. They source all their ingredients by taking advantage of the farm to table movement, and take pride in the exceptional quality juices they offer standing by their own elevated ethics of what truly nutritional food and beverages should be.

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