What To Expect From Nutrition DNA Tests

One of the challenges most people experience in their life is caring for their own health and wellness. Much of the challenge comes from not understanding how our own bodies respond to the food we eat and how that impacts all aspects of our life.

Report Options

Today, thanks to specialized nutritional DNA tests, it is possible to get a customized report that provides information on how to most effectively manage your health and nutrition. Known as nutrigenomics, these tests use a simple cheek swab to allow you to customize your diet and lifestyle to work with your body and your genetic makeup.

As with all types of genetic tests, there are different options on the market. Tests can range from custom diet recommendations to reports to help you to evaluate sports injury risks, effective workout and routines, and the vitamins and minerals you need to supplement given your genetic makeup.

Most of these options allow consumers to upload raw DNA data from standard DNA testing sites. Some also offer their own testing, which may be an important factor to consider.

Current Nutrition DNA Testing Services

The world of nutrigenomics is rapidly growing. Today, there are several companies providing these specific reports. These include:

  • Vitagene
  • Orig3n
  • Fitness Genes
  • GenoPalate
  • Genomelink
  • DNA Fit
  • Athletigen

Be sure to rad the information on what the report provides before choosing a testing service. Most of these companies offer multiple reports, and you can pick and choose which reports to purchase.

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