What to expect from a sports medicine physician

A physician who specializes in sports medicine diagnoses and treats injuries which have been sustained while engaged in a sports related activity. The most common sports medicine treatment in New York focuses on injuries which include sprains, strains, knee injuries and injuries to the lower back. There are many ways that an individual can suffer injuries that require a sports medicine specialist; exercising, fitness training and contact sports are among them. Although doctors who provide sports medicine treatment in New York are trained to treat these injuries they are also involved in advising the athlete on ways to prevent the reoccurrence of the injury.

In most cases the patients that seek treatment from a sports injury physician are athletes. Sports injuries are common occurrences in athletic activities that include forceful moves, such as football, tennis and basketball. Once an athlete is injured it is up to the physician to evaluate the injury and either treat it or refer the athlete to another specialist.

One does not have to be an athlete to suffer injury; many people who are not athletes still participate in sports related activities although at a lower level. In many cases an athlete actually suffers fewer injuries than a person who is not in shape. Many people find themselves involved in activities such as exercising or taking part in fun-runs and find themselves suffering from a sprain or a strain. When a ligament is injured the result is a sprain while injuries to muscles or tendons will usually result in a strain. In many cases the individual will be prescribed pain medication and rest.

Physicians are central to sports medicine but they are not the only ones involved. As one of the objectives of sports medicine is to prevent injury and have a healthy lifestyle, there are nutritionists, personal trainers, coaches and physical therapist involved as well.

When one thinks of a sports medicine specialist it is easy to think that they work exclusively with professional athletes, this is far from the truth. There are specialists who can go through their entire career and never see a professional athlete. With the focus on healthier living, sports medicine is becoming increasingly important as more and more individuals engage in exercise and sport. Even people who have not been engaging in a sport can get an injury that would normally occur in sports and sports medicine treatment in New York is the best option available.

Manhattan Sports Therapy provides sports medicine treatment in New York. The many services available include physical rehabilitation, chiropractic care and pain management. You are invited to call for an appointment.  For more information continue reading.

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