What to Expect at the First Chiropractor Appointment in Chicago

Those who have never been to a chiropractor before may have a lot of questions. The main thing is knowing what the Chiropractor in Chicago will be doing to you. It makes a lot of individuals nervous. Some patients are already in pain and do not want more pain inflicted. The first appointment is a very important one. It gives you the chance to meet the practitioner who will be taking care of your problem. It also enables you to ask them questions about the type of therapies and treatments they prescribe for you. Much like a regular doctors visit, the chiropractor will have specific things they will need to do for you. Here is some information on what you can expect at your first visit.

The Chiropractor in Chicago will begin by doing an overall assessment of your health condition. They will do a routine examination. You will also have your vital signs taken. This is much like the experience you will have when you go to a medical doctor. The doctor will ask you a bunch of questions about the type of problems you are having. He/she will assess your pain, the areas in which it exists and make an initial determination on what type of treatment is necessary. They will also discuss things with you such as any accidents or injuries that you have had in the past or recently.

During the examination, it may be necessary for them to take an x-ray. This is not always the case. They will also palpate around the areas that are bothering you. This is part of how they pinpoint the location of your pain. Once the location is determined, it is much easier for them to determine what type of treatment and therapy would work best for you.

You will also have to fill out some paperwork. This will be forms much like you have filled out at a doctor’s office. Once the examination and all the paperwork is done, the chiropractor will discuss treatment options with you. The Chiropractor at Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Injury Centers may want to begin treatment on the same day. That is most likely in your best interest. Once you have completed your first treatment, you next appointment will be made for you to go back to Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Injury Centers. The length of your treatment will vary depending on what type of condition you have.

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