What to Expect After Retina Surgery

The light-sensing membrane of the eye that captures images and transmits them back to the brain is known as the retina. A hole in the retina wall or a small tear can lead to retinal detachment. Often times, shrinking of the vitreous gel in the eye or thinning of the retina over time will lead to retinal detachment.

If not treated effectively and quickly, it could result in permanent loss of vison. Retina surgery is most often required for middle-age or older individuals who have retinal detachment or tears, primarily in those that are nearsighted or have a genetic predisposition.

Immediately After Surgery

Timely treatment in Grand Rapids of a retinal detachment is critical to the prevention of vision loss. Surgically reattaching the retina is a quick procedure that can be done usually in two hours or less. After a short recovery period, patients are able to return home. After just one or two weeks following the surgery, the patient should be able to resume normal activity. However, some travel should be avoided for a while because increases in altitude could cause complications. Patients should discuss any travel plans with their eye doctor following retina surgery to be safe.

Eye Protection and Pain

After retina surgery, the eye can be inflamed, swollen and sore for some time. While very little pain should be expected following the procedure, your doctor will likely send you home with a prescription for pain medication to aid with any post-opt pain. There may be some discharge as the eye begins to heal, but you should call your doctor if you notice any unusual drainage.

An eye patch and eye drops may be provided in order to keep the eye protected, sanitized and moist. You may also need to wear a shield at night to prevent any pressure on the eye while you are sleeping.

You should follow up with a visit to your eye doctor the next day after your surgery. Then, depending on your individual progress, you may need to return for regular checkups for the next two or three months.

When you are in the shower, you will want to take special care to ensure that no soap comes in contact with your eye. In some procedures, a gas bubble in inserted into the eye to keep the retina pressed against the eye wall. In this case, you will need to keep you head down to help with the effect of the bubble for a week or two following your retina surgery in Grand Rapids.

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