What Makes Unique Engagement Rings?

You’ve planned the day down to the smallest detail. She’s unique and the details are custom-made for her. The engagement ring should be just as unique. Many informative articles detail a diamond’s ideal cut, clarity, and color but what else goes into finding or making unique engagement rings?

As Unique As You

The most popular and well-known diamond out there is the classic colorless diamond. The normal scale is based on how little color is found in the diamond. However, truly unique engagement rings take advantage of the array of colors available in both natural and enhanced diamonds. Natural colored diamonds come in yellow, red, green, blue, and violet to varying degrees. There are methods that enhance these colors for vivid yellows, black, dark red, and hundreds of other variations. Enhanced diamonds are often more expensive than colorless diamonds, but increase the ring’s uniqueness.

If you don’t want colored diamonds, but still want a splash of color, there is still the option of using other gems mixed in among the diamonds. Popular choices are rich sapphires, dazzling emeralds, and warm rubies. This limits the array of colors, but the opportunities for unique settings is still limitless.

Beyond the stones themselves, the metals wrapped around her finger contribute just as much to the unique setting. Gold is the most popular, but can come in white and champagne as well as the classic yellow gold. Silver, platinum, and titanium are just a few of the other choices all with different looks, feels, and advantages. Some characteristics that set them apart are durability and price with silver usually being the cheapest and titanium being the most durable.

Can’t Find One Unique Enough?

Truly unique engagement rings are not found. The most highly valued rings are those that have been made specifically for that special someone. Taking an existing design and changing the stones or metal sometimes just isn’t enough. For a truly unique ring, custom designs are ideal. From the shape of the setting to the placement of specific stones, creating your own engagement ring is the only way to ensure it is completely unique. Some simple examples are rings with initials or whimsical designs that are shaped after a favorite character or animal. Some custom rings have a futuristic look or an antique look without any existing design to compare to. Blending metals, interesting placement of stones, and personalized touches all make a customized design the most unique.

If you don’t want to design the entire ring, there are many options to mix and match existing settings with the stones and cuts of your choice. Perhaps you’ve seen hundreds of rings that have the larger center diamond surrounded by smaller clusters, but her favorite stone is sapphire. Customize the ring for the centerpiece to be a dramatic sapphire enhanced by the diamond clusters. Tell a story by replacing a series of diamonds in a flat setting with the stones representing special times in your history together. The possibilities are endless when designing your own unique engagement ring.

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