What is Synthetic Turf?

Many of your neighbors and businesses have already made a choice to have synthetic turf in Tampa Bay installed. Artificial or synthetic turf looks so real and feels so real that you likely have seen it in peoples’ yards and do not even realize that is what you are seeing. This type of turf is made from synthetic fibers and crafted to look and feel like real grass.

Is it Right for You?

There are three times when synthetic turf in Tampa Bay is the right choice for your property! When you want:

1. A durable ground covers
2. A maintenance-free ground cover
3. To save money

The Durability

This type of turf is used in stadiums where sports are typically played on grass to provide a ground cover that is durable and that can withstand continuous play without having to deal with any down time. For homes and businesses, it provides a ground cover that looks and feels like naturally grown grass that can last for years. It is far more durable than natural grass yet can trick the eye and provide the feel of lush natural grass.

Maintenance Free

An average natural grass lawn takes a lot of work. Every season it requires attention and sometimes with the best attention it simply does not thrive. Natural grass can be a study in frustration. Artificial grass looks great year-round with very little effort.

It Saves You Money

While the upfront installation cost is usually higher for artificial grass, it is quickly recouped in maintenance savings and water costs savings. A natural lawn requires about $500 a year in water, plus the cost of chemicals to treat it and of course the back-breaking labor to manage it. Learn more about today’s fake turf from Easy Turf!

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