What is Involved in Drain Cleaning in Portland, OR?

There are often a myriad of things that need minor repairs around the home, many of which are easy to tackle by the homeowner without any assistance. Most are mundane tasks that, while annoying, can be remedied quickly. However, in the case of a clogged drain, cleaning this out may or may not be so simple. In some cases you may be able to handle it on your own, but in others, you may need to call in a professional.

Clogged up drains can often be prevented simply by taking pre-emptive steps. Putting covering over your drains can protect them from excess buildup of debris, particularly in the kitchen and in the shower. These covering are usually pieces of mesh or something similar that allows for water to drain easily, but will catch any undesired items and prevent them from following along. You can also try using a commercial drain cleaner upon occasion that should help slow down the creation of clogs. But it’s inevitable that eventually you’ll be dealing with a clog that you simply cannot correct on your own and will need to call in a professional.

Plumbers are generally the people who provide drain cleaning in Portland, OR services. If your clog is so severe that it’s beginning to create backups that are threatening to spill over and flood an area of your home, don’t delay in contacting someone right away. A plumber will bring along tools that many homeowners don’t keep themselves, such as a drain snake. The snake is pushed down through the clogged area with the hopes that it will break up enough so that the clog may be cleared out. Depending on the clog, the snake may not be enough, however. If this method does not work, the plumber may need to break in to the pipe system to clean out the clogged drain.

There are other factors that can cause blockages to drains including tree roots and backups further down the line, such as in the sewer. In such cases, a plumber can thread a small camera through the system, which is attached to a video monitor, until they can find precisely where the area of the clog is located. For such things you will absolutely need to use a professional, as the areas where these sorts of problems occur are typically not accessible to the average homeowner. Plus, most homeowners wouldn’t know how to deal with them and could potentially make things worse.

Depending on the type of clog that is present, there is a possibility that a professional cleaning could be a bit costly. But having a drain backup and flood your home could be even more costly, so being sure to get it dealt with right away is critical.

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