What is Included in Professional Pool Cleaning in Connecticut?

Just like the yard, sometimes the pool needs a little extra attention. But most homeowners aren’t interested in spending their weekends scrubbing the sides of the pool or messing with the chemicals meant to keep the water crystal clear. Because of this, professional Pool Cleaning in Connecticut is a popular choice. But before signing an agreement, make sure that what is and is not covered by the pool service is just as crystal clear as the water.

What is Included?

Homeowners hiring a service to handle Pool Cleaning in Connecticut can expect the pool to be clean. This means that the surface is skimmed, the bottom is vacuumed, and the sides are brushed. The skimmer baskets are also dumped. Taking care of these things on a regular basis keeps the pool looking great and decreases the chances of something getting backed up in the filter. The water is also checked, making sure that all of the chemicals are right and the water is safe for everyone in the family to use. If there are problems with the water, chemicals are added until everything comes into balance. Most companies will also handle the filter cleaning when necessary. Before leaving, a professional does a visual inspection of the equipment and takes note of any issues or problems.

What is Not Included?

Despite looking at the equipment to see if there are problems, monthly pool cleaning does not cover repairs. While the same company may be able to perform the task, it is important to note that there are different fees and costs for repairs. Regular service usually doesn’t cover cleaning the pool deck or the furniture on the pool deck. This is a job for the homeowner. While a professional will keep an eye on water levels, he or she will not add or drain water as part of the service plan.

Imagine being able to just enjoy the pool without taking care of all the regular cleaning. Despite the monthly cost, many homeowner find that turning pool care over to the professionals ensures that the water, as well as the pool, is always in good condition. Contact Treats Pools & Spas to learn more about monthly pool service.

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