What is Dual Diagnosis?

In many situations, mental illness and substance abuse go together. Many addicts, as well as their friends and family members, make the common mistake of attributing one problem to the other. This is not always the right theory. While they can be related to each other, the issues coexist and work with the other. This in itself causes a very dangerous and complicated dynamic. This can create an obstacle for your sobriety. This is something that can be addressed through substance abuse treatment in Utah.

Why is Dual Diagnosis Common with Addicts?

Dual diagnosis is more common than many may think. There have been some reports that have uncovered some staggering statistics.

*Over half of the people studied that are affected by mental illness are also addicts.
*Over a third of those addicted to alcohol have been diagnosed with at least one mental illness.
*Over half of drug addicts have been diagnosed with at least one mental illness.

As evidenced by the above statistics, you are not alone with your struggle with mental illness and substance abuse. Many people that are addicted to drugs and alcohol use as a way to self-medicate themselves mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. They seem to provide temporary relief. However, you may feel guilty and compound your mental illness because of your addiction.

Can One Cause the Other?

In theory, one can cause the other. For example, an addiction can cause you to feel depressed as discussed above. However, more accurately, the addiction and the mental illness play off each other. It is uncommon that a mental illness can cause an addiction because in most of these instances, the addict has made the choice to use drugs as a method of self-medication. This dynamic creates a vicious cycle that often requires professional intervention to cure the ill effects.

Prognosis of Dual Diagnosis

The prognosis of a dual diagnosis is very good. The first step is to get clean and sober and then delve into the mental illnesses. The treatment of the mental illness can vary between medicine and therapy, or a combination of both. You have to get into a treatment that believes in treating the entire person and not just one or the other. Both the body and the psyche need attention according to Houston Counselor, Asma Rehman.

By treating the person as a whole, you will learn to adapt to a different lifestyle that is free from the use of drugs and alcohol. The treatment can be intensive as there will be several different parts of the treatment that targets the different problems that are presented. Getting rid of the substances allows you to focus on the core issues that you have. There are mental illnesses that are based on imbalances such as bipolar disorder while others may be environmental, such as PTSD. The thing to remember here is that recovery is very possible. Having a mental illness does not mean that you are crazy and cannot be helped. With the proper treatment methods and programs, you too can be drug free and emotionally happy. Contact Alpine Recovery Lodge today to get started.