What is Checked During a Crane Inspection in Syracuse

If you are in an industry that requires the use of heavy equipment in order to complete a job, you already know how important it is to have it inspected on a regular basis. While it may seem that all inspections are ran the same way, this is not the case. When you own a crane, there are a great deal of factors that have to be examined to ensure the machine is running dependably and will not malfunction and cause operator injury. Make sure you hire a company that can provide you with a crane inspection in Syracuse that will check the following items for compliance.

Control Functions and Electronic Equipment

If the controls in your equipment do not work as intended, it can cause the operator to move the equipment in a way that injures property or a bystander. All electronic equipment should be tested regularly to make sure the crane will act in a predictable way that will not damage property or endanger the life of the operator.

Rope and Hook Inspections

The rope and hook of your crane are what carries the weight of the item or items that you are lifting. If these are not in good condition from either extended use or the effects of mother nature, it could cause them to break and drop the load. This can lead to bodily harm and leave your company financially responsible for any damages that were done. These should be inspected at least once per month.

Booms and Boom Extensions

The boom and boom extension are what allow you to accurately position items when lowering them. Make sure your booms are stable and in good shape so they will make it easier for the operator to pick up and release loads. It is also important to have the hydraulic systems that control these systems inspected as well.

Make sure your company is following all local and federal rules and have a crane inspection in Syracuse done on a regular basis. The inspection experts at Superior Industrial Services, LLC will help you keep your equipment running properly and safely by identifying areas that are not in good operating condition and flagging areas that could malfunction at any time. Contact them to arrange for the inspection services you need to keep your company safe and compliant.

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