What is a plumbing trap used for?

A plumbing trap, often simply called a “P” trap is a length of curved pipe which is installed below a plumbing fixture. The P trap is an important part of the fixture for three definitive reasons:

1. It stops the entry of sewer gas and odors from coming back into the building

2. It catches things which may otherwise cause a clog

3. It is the entry point for a drain snake if there is a clog further down the drain line

All waste water and water borne waste material travels through the various drains and goes into a septic tank or in most cases, directly into the municipal sanitary sewer where it ends up in a sewage treatment facility. Regardless of where the waste is processed, fumes are generated which are most certainly unpleasant. Without the P trap, which stays full of water, the fumes could come back into the home but the plug of water makes this impossible.

As well as blocking the return of noxious gases and odors, a plumbing trap is also used for sewer cleaning in Concord. The trap is located under the fixture, actually it is an integral part of a toilet, it is where items that are inadvertently dropped into the drain can be found and removed. In many cases what goes down the drain is jewelry and the owner most certainly wants to retrieve it before it is too late and it travels into the drainage system.

When a basin or the toilet clogs the problem in many cases is in the trap. Hair, soap scum and other solids can collect and eventually build up into a blockage. When this happens the trap can be removed and the clog eliminated.

If the clog is beyond the P trap there are a couple of approaches to clearing it. Many people will first try to clear the clog with chemical drain cleaners or a plunger. In these cases the trap stays in place. If these methods do not work, plumbers who do sewer cleaning in Concord will use a plumbers snake. The snake can be introduced into the sewer through a clean-out which is located at the very lowest point of the trap; from here the snake can work forward until the clog has been eliminated.

If commercial chemicals or a plunger do not work, then you will need to call in a company that does sewer cleaning in Concord; that company is Absolute Plumbing, Rooting & Renovation.