What is a notary public?

A notary in York, PA, often referred to as a notary public, is an individual who has been granted certain powers by the state. They can act as third party witnesses to the signatures affixed to legal and other official documents. A notary can take sworn statements and can administer an oath.

A notary attests that he or she was present when a document was signed and that they confirmed the identity of the signatories. To confirm ones identity to the notary a photo ID such as a passport or state issued document such as a driver’s license is required. If the notary is not happy with the identification documents offered, he is not bound to notarize the document in question. If the notary in York, PA is confident that the person is who he says he is then a seal or stamp will be affixed to the document which indicates the notary personally witnessed the signature. Notaries are given the rights they have for a certain time frame, usually four years; they are also assigned a unique number by the state.

There is no requirement that a notary has to have any legal training; all the notary must be is a responsible and respected public figure. It is amazing how many documents must be notarized to be acceptable in a court of law; the notary can be kept very busy, especially if his office is near a court house.

In many cases a notary will be associated with the institution that requires a notarized document; this is very often the case of a bank, credit union or other financial institution. In these cases, the notary usually witnesses the signature and notarizes the document as a part of his duties and responsibilities to clients. Notaries can impose a fee, the fees are usually quite modest but there are expenses associated with the service that have to be compensated for.

If the notary in York, PA is not a lawyer, they cannot offer any legal advice at all; all they can do is to act as an independent third party that witnesses a signature after the signatories’ identity has been confirmed. A notarized document does not have to contain the truth, it can be a fraudulent statement but that is for the courts to decide.

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