What Is A Colocation Data Center?

While companies of all sizes and across all industries are moving to cloud-based services, including the use of private cloud service providers, there are many companies still operating using dedicated physical servers. For many businesses with security issues and complex infrastructure already set up on servers, continuing to use dedicated physical servers is a cost-effective option.

For those businesses, the cost of housing, maintaining, and providing the right conditions for the operation of the server is a factor to consider. To work around these issues, using a colocation data center (colo) provides an ideal solution.

The Basics

A colocation data center provides space for a business to house their own equipment. Typically, this includes the business providing the server and any associated network hardware.

The colocation data center provides the racks and the storage space, as well as the power and optimal conditions for the equipment. In some situations, and for international or enterprise companies, there may be multiple data centers involved in the housing of the equipment.

Depending on the services required and the features offered at the colo, different services are offered. This can include maintenance of the equipment, guarantees for redundancy and uptime, and essential operational parameters. Most of these locations also offer around the clock technicians on staff, ensuring that technical issues are proactively addressed to eliminate server downtime.

While large companies may require the space of an entire data center, smaller companies may only require the use of a colocation rack or part of a rack. The benefit of any of these options is to have the server located near the end-users, improving performance and reliability.

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