What Happens If You Are Arrested For DUI?

If you are pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence you may wonder what will happen next. Although the penalties can vary somewhat from one state to another they are all strict and the consequences can be quite severe. If this is your first DUI arrest the consequences are not as severe as they will be for multiple arrests but the process after arrest is similar.

The first thing that will happen after booking is court and as everyone in the US is considered innocent until proven otherwise the judge will set bail for the freedom of the accused until his or her court date. This is when you either pay the bail amount to the court in cash from your own resources or you arrange for DUI bail bonds in Minneapolis MN.

Bail is where the DUI suspect pays money or other surety to obtain his or her release from jail. As a condition of bail the suspect must agree to return to court for all the various proceedings that may take place, these proceedings can include arraignment, preliminary hearings, any pre-trial motions that need to be heard and the eventual trial. In the event the accused fails to appear at any of these proceedings they will be subject to immediate arrest and the bail bond will be forfeited.

How is bail set in a DUI case?

In many cases the suspect can pay bail and obtain his or her release immediately. More serious instances will demand that a judge make a decision on the amount of bail at a separate hearing which usually takes place within 48 hours after arrest. Regardless of whether the accused was able to arrange immediate release or not, the amount of bail will either be pre-determined from a bail schedule or the judge will set it based on a few factors:

* What is the DUI record and the driving history of the accused?

* Were there any injuries or deaths as a result of driving while intoxicated?

* Suspect’s life style with respect to employment, family ties, etc.

If the suspect or his or her family and friends put up the full amount of bail then DUI bail bonds in Minneapolis MN are available from a bonding agency in return for a fee which is usually 10 percent of the bail amount.

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