What Happens During a Contact Lens Fitting?

Whether you currently wear eyeglasses and want to try contact lenses, or you recently discovered you have a vision problem, you will need to be fitted for contact lenses. Even people who have worn them for years must undergo a routine eye examination and Contact Lens Fitting. Discover what happens during a fitting and why every step matters when you want to wear contact lenses.

Eye Examination
The first step toward getting contact lenses is getting a detailed eye exam. During the examination, the doctor will determine your vision as well as the health of your eyes. Both factors help the doctor decide if contact lenses are the right choice for the patient. The doctor will measure your eye and figure out which contact lens has the ideal diameter and curve for your eye. Thickness is another consideration, especially for people with strong prescriptions.

Fitting the Lens to the Eye
The next step is to fit the lens to the eye. The doctor might try the lens in the patient’s eye to see how it feels and fits. Based on the results, the doctor may try another lens. A prescription is issued based on the doctor’s recommendation. The doctor will also review important procedures with the patient. This may include how to wear, store and handle the lenses as well as when to dispose of them. A preliminary Contact Lens Fitting exam can take up to an hour to ensure the patient gets the best lenses and knows what to do with them. If the patient visits a doctor with an on site lab, he or she can walk out with new contact lenses.

The Second Fitting
Once the patient gets his or her contact lenses and wears them for a week or two, a second fitting is scheduled. The doctor checks the patient’s eyes to make sure the lenses still fit properly and are not causing irritation or any other problems. It also gives the doctor a chance to see how the patient is doing with cleaning, storing and wearing contact lenses.

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