What Does A Foreclosure Lawyer Do?

A foreclosure lawyer in Royal Palm Beach is a lawyer who focus his skills on representing those who are in foreclosure proceedings, the lawyer can either work for banks or other institutions, processing foreclosure as required or he can advocate for homeowners who are contesting a foreclosure order or attempting to negotiate with the lender for new terms.

Once a lawyer has graduated law school and passed the bar he or she can work in any area of law but the truth is, almost every lawyer takes further courses that provide a grounding in a specific area of law, whether its criminal, family law or foreclosure.

A foreclosure lawyer in Royal Palm Beach who works with the lending institution processes the foreclosures as they become necessary. As the foreclosure must be done under an established protocol, the lawyer ensures that every step is legal. The process can be quite lengthy as letters are drafted and sent to the mortgage holders advising them of the foreclosure process they are facing and then legal filings that relate to the foreclosure must be prepared. If the mortgage holder decides to protest the action the foreclosure lawyer will be involved, including taking the action to court.

Other foreclosure lawyers tend to work with those who are being threatened with foreclosure and eviction or are already in foreclosure. The lawyer will ensure that the mortgage company or other lending institution has complied with the existing law in all respects and can work with the client should he or she wish to fight the foreclosure. There are cases where the homeowner was fraudulently misled about the loan that was taken out, if this is found to be the case the lawyer will prepare and present a case that delays any foreclosure action while the case is pending in court.

In cases like this the lawyer advocates for the client, the lawyer will handle the negotiations with the lending agency, responding to any demands the lender may have and filing claims against the lender. In many cases it is possible to renegotiate the existing loan or come up with other concessions that will allow the people to stay in the home.

The homeowner facing foreclosure may consider negotiating a short sale of the property; this should be done with the help of a foreclosure lawyer in Royal Palm Beach as the negotiations can be tricky, leaving the individual out of his home and still owing considerable money.

If you are faced with losing your home you must get sound legal advice. If you are looking for a foreclosure lawyer in Royal Palm Beach you are invited to contact the law offices of Sean I. Koplow.

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