What Does a Criminal Lawyer in Hartford Do?

Have you been told that you might need a Criminal Lawyer in Hartford because of a recent arrest? This is certainly a frightening time, and one that is fraught with uncertainty in many cases. The law relating to crime is complex and constantly changing, so you need a skilled criminal lawyer who knows how to handle the situation to get the best outcome for you.

The criminal attorney will deal with a large variety of cases on any given day. While the cases may vary, one thing they do share in common is that the clients are all accused of a crime. The crime might be a misdemeanor (the lesser crimes) or it might be a felony (the more serious crimes) but a criminal lawyer is there to defend you against the charges, regardless of what the crime may be.

Some of the cases where a Criminal Lawyer in Hartford might help would include: Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charges, assault charges, domestic violence charges, breaking and entering charges, murder charges, and many other charges that are criminal in nature. The types of cases that a criminal defense attorney will typically not deal with would include the more minor ones like traffic violations, unless those traffic violations occurred concurrently with other situations that resulted in criminal charges.

Many times, your criminal lawyer will work primarily as a negotiator. This means that he will go back and forth with the prosecuting attorney to try to arrive at some sort of arrangement that will reduce your charges or maybe even eliminate any jail time. If you are absolutely innocent of all the charges, your defense attorney will do his very best to prove this, and he may be able to get the charges dropped if adequate proof of your innocence is obtained. In most situations, you will find that hiring a criminal lawyer is dramatically more effective than trying to represent yourself. If you want to learn even more about criminal law and how your lawyer can help you, feel free to Visit Website for some more in depth information and contact phone numbers.

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