What Documents Will You Need for Embassy Legalization?

While the vast majority of apostille services seek to make embassy legalization as painless a process as possible, there’s no denying it can be intimidating to tackle at once. Before you can take those first steps toward legalization, you first need to gather up a host of documents. Which documents are most vital for this process? Do you only need to bring your identifying documentation or will you need other odds and ends? Here is a list of some of the most important documents you may need to collect to complete your embassy legalization.


In the event you cannot obtain hard copies of your documentation, you can instead seek embassy legalization with photocopies of your documents. However, you must obtain certification for these copies from your local notary public before you can use them. This can be done through a visit at your bank of choice; just be sure to bring some form of personal ID, such as your driver’s license. In some cases, the official tending to your case may create copies of your document as part of the process.

Personal Documentation

There are some cases where you may need your personal documents to be notarized as part of the embassy legalization process. This can include your power of attorney documents, medical records, affidavits, health certificates and other legal documents. Both notarized photocopies and the original documents themselves are permitted for submission.

Public Documentation

Your public records are some of the most important documents you’ll need for embassy legalization. These include any court-obtained legal documents, your birth certificate, any certificates regarding your criminal record (should you have one), your marriage certificate, your educational transcripts and any relevant death certificates. These documents all require an official seal and signature in order to be approved for industry legalization.

Anyone interested in learning more about embassy legalization can get in touch with US Authentication Services by visiting their official website or calling them at 1-703-971-7226.

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