What Constitutes Litigation Support?

Litigation support in DC is all that which is used to support an attorney with his current and pending cases. There is many forms of support and that which is used depends on the attorneys needs and ranges from research and the documenting of facts prior to the case going to trial as well as providing assistance in determining the damages once the case has reached court. There are independent consultants who perform these services as well as large firms that provide any and all types of litigation support in DC.

As with all services, litigation support helps the attorney by giving him or her the time that is necessary to focus on the important aspects of the case at hand. The process of litigation support usually begins with the consultants being briefed on the specifics of the case. Using the preliminary information supplied as the reference point, the litigation support team can identify certain previous legal precedents which have been set which are relative to the case. The consultants also research the relevance and the status of current laws that may have an impact on the legal action which is about to begin. The team document any and all details which surround the case, providing this information to the attorney. The information that the attorney has makes a huge difference on how the case will be presented to the court.

The input from the litigation support team is not always over when a case is either won or lost. If the case is unsuccessful the team attempts to determine if any of the new issues that came out during the court presentation can be used to log an appeal. In the event the case was won, the team will proceed to the next phase which is to determine the process that is best used to collect the damages that were awarded.

Those who do litigation support in DC have to be experts at wading through huge amounts of documentation and data and extract that which is relevant to the case, strengthening the attorneys position. This also includes identifying laws and past precedents that the opposing attorney may be able to use in an effort to undermine the case of the opposing attorney.

Gore Brothers provide litigation support in DC which is tailored to suit the needs of the attorney and the case under consideration.

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