What Characteristics to Look for in LED Dog Collars

owners.  Collars with lights are convenient and offer many safety values.  While the idea behind an LED collar is relatively simple, there are many characteristics to look for when deciding on a collar to purchase.

You want to make sure the collar is easy to put on your dog.  When your dog is literally jumping with joy to go on a walk, you need to be able to quickly and easily put the collar in place.  In the same sense, the light needs to be in a convenient place to easily switch on.
Now that you were able to easily and quickly get the collar on your dog and turned on, you must consider the scope and range of the LED light.  Not only do you want to be seen by oncoming traffic from a comfortable distance, vehicles coming from behind need to see your light to be warned you are there.   Seeing what is around you on the left and right is important, too.  LED dog collars that provide a bright light that can be seen from all angles are most desirable and effective.

The type of battery powering the collar should be taken into consideration.  Some LED collars require expensive hard-to-find batteries while others use simple AA or AAA batteries.  There are collars that are compatible with rechargeable batteries.  LED dog collars that use inexpensive common sized batteries are more convenient as there is less of a chance of running out of batteries and not having replacements.

Dogs often do not mind whether it is snowing, raining, sleeting or snowing.  It might be another story for owners; however, a collar that is weather-resistant is a feature to consider.  Especially for dogs who like to jump in puddles or lakes, LED dog collars that are rugged are ideal.

Collars come in different colors, sizes and prices to fit most pet owner’s needs. While the above features should be considered, the increased visibility and safety with an LED collar is priceless.

PupLight’s unsurpassed LED dog collar is visible from all angles and the dog walker’s body doesn’t block the light from behind like most other products because the illumination makes a very visible halo of light.

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