What Can You Expect From The Orthodontist in Elmhurst?

Alignment issues can cause different problems in your smile. Not only will it cause you to feel self-conscious about your smile, but it can also cause wear on certain areas of your teeth. This can lead to jaw pain and increased sensitivity. Fortunately, there are treatments available through the Orthodontist in Elmhurst. The orthodontist can fit you for braces and help you to recover the beauty of your smile.

When you go see the Orthodontist in Elmhurst, you will first go through having impressions and images made of your teeth. These will be used to project your treatment progress so the orthodontist can decide how to treat your teeth so they can be moved into a better position. This can also show you what you can expect from your treatment results.

To place your braces on your teeth, the orthodontist will first need to brush your teeth so they are completely clean. Once your teeth are cleaned, you will have your brackets put in place. Brackets are put in place using a special dental adhesive. This adhesive is light-cured so the brackets will be instantly bonded to your teeth.

The brackets provide the framework for your braces. Metal wiring will be run through each of the openings so they are connected to one another. The wiring will connect the brackets so the orthodontist can tighten the wiring and adjust your braces throughout your treatment period.

As your braces are tightened throughout your treatment, this will help to move your teeth into their proper positions. It may take a year or longer for you to get the full results you are expecting. The treatment period will depend on the degree of alignment issues you are suffering from. Your orthodontist will be able to give you information on how long your treatment will need to be carried out.

If you are tired of dealing with your alignment issues, Oakbrook Orthodontics will consult with you and examine your teeth so you can learn more about your treatment options. Through orthodontic treatment, you can overcome your alignment issues and have a more beautiful and functional smile.

In addition to regular orthodontic care, they also offer orthodontic emergency care for those times when you have an issue and can’t wait until your next appointment time. They take great pride in offering their patients the quality of care they deserve, giving them confidence in their smiles.
They strive to make sure all of their patients are comfortable and don’t mind a trip to the orthodontist’s office. For an appointment, visit their website or contact them today.hi

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