What Can A Patient Expect from a Pain Management Doctor in Atlanta, GA.?

A patient in the Atlanta area can expect a variety of surgical and non-surgical treatments to relieve their pain. Many of the treatments are injections, but the doctor may recommend radiofrequency ablation, surgery, or spinal cord stimulation.

What Is a Discectomy?

A discectomy is one of the surgical procedures performed by a pain management doctor in Atlanta, GA. During the procedure, the doctor will remove the damaged disc and any accompanying bone spurs pressing on the nerves. In many cases, the surgeon will replace the disc with an implant made of bone that will eventually fuse with the neighboring vertebrae.

What Is Radiofrequency Ablation?

Radiofrequency ablation, or radiofrequency neurotomy, is a treatment for chronic pain caused by injury or arthritis. The doctor will use radiofrequency energy to destroy the nerves transmitting the pain signals. The doctor will perform a couple of tests to determine the patient’s candidacy for the treatment.

If the patient is accepted, the doctor will administer a local anesthetic to keep them comfortable. They will then insert a special needle that emits radiofrequency energy into the treatment site. The resulting heat will destroy the defective nerves.

What Are Epidural Injections?

Epidural injections are steroid injections used to treat chronic pain that is radiating from either the neck or the lower back to other parts of the body. The injections work by reducing inflammation in certain nerves along the spine.

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