We’ll have Manhattan…

…The Bronx and Staten Island customers, too. Especially those looking for ceramic tiles in Manhattan because people do love to decorate their bathrooms every so often and, for those who are flipping homes, there are plenty of tiles to choose from. One of the main challenges when it comes to decorating a bathroom is how to lay the tiles. The tiles can be placed entirely on every wall, one or two walls or just in the shower or bath cubicle. The fun is in the design and how you choose to so that. Sometimes it’s better to choose a specific area that should be tiled for practical purposes and to seal the water out from the walls.

Many bath tubs have that molded plastic surroundings which can age badly and start to look very dated in no time. Getting rid of those is often the only way to make the walls good underneath. However, the downside is that you have no idea what condition the walls will be in when you do hack that plastic molded atrocity away. You could end up having to spend a great deal of money fixing the walls and leveling them before they are good enough to accept and hold tiles.

Styling and Suitability

Floor tiles tend to be more sturdy and for obvious reasons. They also have to be extremely water resistant and therefore are a common floor covering for many homes, aside from linoleum and carpet. The main reason most people prefer using tiles on a bathroom floor is because they are far easier maintain and keep clean. They are also stylish and hard wearing. Ceramic tiles are a common sight on many a bathroom wall and they are very easy to handle. Most ceramic tiles are pennies on the dollar, but when you consider how many you might need for an entire bathroom you might see the cost start to soar. Many tiles, however are not as expensive as one might first think. The key is to do some research before you buy. You might find that you can achieve a five star hotel look for a couple of hundred dollars and have a wonderfully styled bathroom that you can spend time relaxing in.

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