Welcome Home: Log Cabins Versus Traditional Houses

A log cabin evokes a certain sense nostalgic tranquility reminiscent of days long gone by. But besides a rustic aesthetic, log cabins offer several benefits over their modern counterparts. If you’re considering a log home, check out the following comparisons to find out how log cabins beat modern homes in several categories.

  • Sustainability. Logs are a renewable resource, completely recyclable, and biodegradable. Logs and timber can even be harvested from standing dead timber. While most modern homes are still built with wood, there are still things like siding and insulation to consider. Brick homes can leave a lot of residue behind that doesn’t readily break down, and requires regular maintenance.
  • Weatherability. Wisconsin log cabin home builders know how to construct a log home that can withstand those deep winters and hot summers. Logs have a natural thermal mass that helps keep the temperature of a home comfortable throughout all seasons. Traditional homes require the use of insulation, air conditioning, and heating oil to maintain comfortable temperatures, which can drive up the cost of utility bills each month, especially in cold seasons.
  • Durability. If you stop and think about how long trees last in the forest, it’s not hard to recognize how long-lasting log homes can be. There are some log cabins in the world today that were built over 800 years ago, and they’re in fine condition. Traditional modern houses require regular maintenance and repairs to keep them in good condition, and even those routine repairs don’t mean it will last as long as a log cabin.
  • Visibility. Mold can be a massive problem in a home, and if it goes undetected for an extended length of time, the effects can be devastating. Because of the exposed nature of the logs, a mold check in a log cabin is as simple as strolling around the house. Wisconsin log cabin home builders know that long, cold winters can lead to problems with mold and rot, but the nature of log cabins naturally prevents these issues from thriving over long stretches of time.

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