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by | Jan 14, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

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For anyone living in the Florida Keys, the ultimate has to be owning a beachfront property; whether it is exclusively your private home; or, a commercial enterprise catering to vacationing tourists. However, one other thing can extend this fortuitous situation; and that is boat ownership.

How And Where Do You Board Your Boat?

No matter what the purpose is behind your boat ownership and, to some extent, no matter what size of boat you own; it isn’t much use to you parked up on land or anchored a few hundred yards offshore; you need easy access to get on board and use your boat. In other words, you need some sort of jetty against which you can dock your boat. Even if you are happy to use a dinghy to take you from the shoreline out to your mooring; it is still convenient to be able to get into your dinghy without getting your feet wet.

What’s Wrong With Using A Marina?

Just like the string of islands that make up the “Keys”; the Dock Builders Of Florida Keys FL have constructed a string of marinas purpose built to cater to the needs of the people who either live on their boats or use them primarily for leisure and pleasure reasons. But, if you have your own stretch of seafront; do you really want to pay someone else so that you can drive from your property to theirs before you can get on board your own boat?

Why Not Build Your Own?

Unless you are a highly qualified civil engineer with a lot of marine construction experience; even constructing a simple jetty on your shoreline could bring problems – how deep to drive the piles, what about effect of tides and storms, etc.? You know exactly what you want and need but you have only a vague idea of the practicalities required to make it happen; this is when you should contact someone from the community of Dock Builders On Florida Keys FL and let them advise you on what needs to be done.

Good Dock Builders On Florida Keys FL will have the knowledge of local weather conditions; local sea floor contours and tides; and, equally important, local regulations in order to convert your intentions into reality. They should also have all the equipment required to undertake the larger projects which can call for construction in deeper water. Choose the right one and your personal piece of Florida paradise can become complete.

If you need a berth for your own boat, you will need to find one of the good Dock Builders On Florida Keys FL. A good choice would be Island Marine Contractors & Thaler Construction, Inc.

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