Wedding Cards Throughout History and Around the World

You are engaged! The ring is on your finger, or your fiancé’s finger, and now it is time to spread the news. Today, weddings are announced through formal invitations or even e-cards sent through emails. However, long ago, before the invention of the printing, postal services, and of course the Internet, wedding cards were unheard of. It was not until the creation of the printing press did formal wedding invitations become traditional keepsakes for couples and their guests around the world.

Wedding ceremonies and marriages have been a part of human history for hundreds of years. During the 12th century, a town crier announced weddings, shouting the names of the bride and groom, as well as the time and date, for all to hear. Without printing presses and a literate community, wedding invitations were unheard of for the common people. However, some noble families of the middle ages were known to employ the calligraphy skills of local monks to create elegant, hand written invitations for their guests.

After the invention of the printing press by Guttenberg in 1447, wedding announcements became prevalent in local newspapers. This tradition is still carried out today, as newly engaged couples place their pictures and announcements in newspapers and other bulletins. During the 1600’s, the process of graving became a popular means by which to create and send wedding cards. This technique involved engraving a metal plate with text for the invitation. The engraving was filled with ink, and then stamped onto the paper. A layer of tissue paper was laid across the ink to prevent any smudging. Engraving is still used today and tissue paper is still included as part of the tradition as well.

As time marched on, so did the evolution of wedding cards. As citizens became more literate, and technology improved, wedding invitations become more elaborate and personal. Today, couples around the world have access to wedding invitations created specifically for their own religion or special wedding theme. Many online retailers provide invitations for those following Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, and other worldwide religions.

If you are interested in using online retailers like Regal Cards for your wedding cards, it really is an easy and cost-effective choice. By uploading your information to card websites, their expert designers and printers will work together to create beautiful and personal invites for your wedding guests. Many companies even send you a sample before your order is made to ensure that you are satisfied with your card. If you are feeling creative you can also craft your own invites through card making websites.

Wedding cards continue to be traditional pieces of weddings around the world. Whether you choose to employ the assistance of designers and retailers or make your own, wedding cards are an important and cherished detail for any wedding, no matter the country, religion, or couple.



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