Ways to tell if you need a new roof

Instead of just rushing out of the house, jumping in the car and backing out of the drive, perhaps glancing up at your roof in the process, take time to really inspect your roof. Inspecting the roof of your house regularly may point out when you need to get some roof repair Boca Raton done.

Let’s start at the top:

When you do inspect your roof, what should you be looking for? For starters, you should inspect your roof in the fall and again in the spring, and the place to start is in the attic. Get up in the attic with your flashlight and look for:

*   Any visible sagging of the roof

*   Any signs of water damage or a leak

*   Any dark spots or trails that may be mold

*   Any light shining through from the outside

Now let’s go outside:

When you are looking at your roof from the outside of your house, pay particular attention to any damaged flashing, shingles that are missing or otherwise damaged and signs of mold or mildew. Mold and mildew will often be most noticeable of the north side of the house or on an area, which is shaded by overhanging trees.

If you ask for a few tips from anybody who does roof repair in Boca Raton you will probably be told to:

*   Inspect for cracked, curled, bald or missing shingles

*   Look closely around any vents and the chimney for any loose material or flashing that is damaged

*   Look in the gutters and see if there is a large accumulation of shingle granules. These granules are like sand, and if there are a lot, this may mean that the shingles need replacing

*   Look for any signs of rot, mold or water damage. The wet spot may not actually be where the water problem is, water can often crawl down the roof to a low spot and then appear as a drip. If you see any water issues, find and fix the problem as mold can take over very quickly

*   Examine the drainage system, the gutters and the downspouts. Make sure they are attached securely to the, and that they are not rusted or full of leaf matter or other debris.

*   Make sure that all the vents that go from the bathrooms, kitchen and laundry area go out the roof and not just terminate in the attic.

Don’t wait until water is dripping on you to begin looking at the condition of your roof. If you need roof repair in Boca Raton the sooner the work starts, the less inexpensive it will be and the least disruption to your daily routine will happen.

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