Ways to Prepare for Your Bundle of Joy Through Surrogacy as Gay Parents

Starting a family brings a mix of joy and challenges. Typically, becoming a gay parent adds another layer of concern. Whether you choose adoption or surrogacy for gay parents, your family may invite unwanted comments and questions.

Despite more widespread acceptance, some people remain curious. Others may say and do things that can be harmful. As an LGBT parent, you want to do everything within your power to make sure your family is prepared for these moments.

Support groups and organizations are available for you to glean advice from others. At the same time, there are things you can do to raise a mentally healthy child.

Normalize Your Nontraditional Family Structure

More same-sex couples are choosing to become parents, which adds to the diversity in nontraditional family structures. However, you may still be viewed as the odd one at gatherings and school functions.

Therefore, teach your child that being different is not bad. Normalize your sexual orientation and family structure from the beginning. Use resources like books and TV shows about LGBT families. Your child will see a reflection of themselves for which to be proud.

Have Open Conversations With Your Child About LGBT Family Challenges

While demonstrating positivity, keep the communication channels open with your child about challenges they may face from having gay parents. In some situations, your family will experience some degree of ignorance or prejudice.

Make sure your child is aware of potential discrimination. Also, teach them how to respond in a helpful and positive manner.

Prepare Your Child for Classmate’s Responses

Not all children are raised to believe that differences should be embraced and celebrated. Your child may get bullied for having two dads or two moms. Talk to them about what they may experience at school in ways that reinforce their self-confidence.

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